ooking for a custom show for your event? Not a problem! Leif David can customize any of the shows to fit your venue and audience. Simply fill out the contact form below with your event details along with any special requests and you’ll receive a quote within 24 hours.

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Case Study – Interior Savings 75 Years

When Interior Savings needed someone to help them commemorate 75 years in business, they turned to magician Leif David in order to make the celebration magical.

Over the course of one week, Leif performed his 30 minute show in 14 different communities, becoming the “Human ATM”. He would make money appear out of thin air, and even turn blank slips of paper into real money. The money was given to non-members and member of Interior Savings and during the Interior Savings “Day of Difference” donations were also made to organizations in the community.

Leif worked with Interior Savings in order to customize many effects so that the money was given away in an entertaining and magical fashion. During the tour one live performance was filmed to create a highlights video. Leif worked with the director and the camera crew in order to make sure the performance was filmed in the best possible way for the benefit of Interior Savings.

Leif also used his experience in working with newspapers and television stations when he became an impromptu spokesperson doing interviews with newspaper journalists and television reporters helping to maximize exposure for the event.