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Frequently Asked Questions

Take the mystery out of booking entertainment. Below are a few of the most common questions we get asked.

How much does a magic show cost?2023-10-18T21:46:40+00:00

Pricing varies based on date, time, audience size, venue, and show type. The best way to receive a quote for your event is by filling out the form on our contact page with your event details. We will email you back with show options, availability, and pricing information.

Do you require a deposit? How can I pay?2023-10-18T10:02:35+00:00

Most events do not require a deposit.

Payment can be made on the day of the show by cash, cheque, or eTransfer. If you prefer you can pay in advance by credit card.

How should the audience be seated for the show?2023-10-18T22:22:18+00:00

At the time of booking, we will make suggestions on how to arrange seating for your event.

For children’s shows, we encourage kids to sit on the floor or ground near the performance area to facilitate easy interaction. Adults should be seated in chairs. For gymnasium shows, we recommend not using floor mats, as children tend to become more engaged and focused when seated directly on the floor.

Will I need to provide anything for the magic show?2023-10-18T22:11:57+00:00

Leif David is completely self-contained, meaning you don’t need to provide a thing. The only requirement is enough room to perform and an outlet to plug in the sound equipment.

For audiences of over 100 in a banquet environment, a stage or riser is ideal.

There should be a safe way for volunteers to get on and off the stage. 

For large festivals, corporate events, and theaters, we will work with your production company for any seutp.


What age groups are suitable for your shows?2023-10-18T22:01:34+00:00

We offer various show options depending on the age range and size of the audience. We offer children’s magic shows, family magic shows, adult magic shows, and close-up Mingling Magic.

What is your cancellation policy?2023-10-18T10:01:01+00:00

If you need to cancel you may do so at any time. Please let us know as soon as possible if your plans change by sending an email, text, or phone call. 

Do you perform outdoors?2023-10-18T22:09:12+00:00

We can host the show indoors or outdoors. If we host the show outdoors, the performance area should be flat and protected from the wind. A nearby power outlet will also be required.

For shows with young children, we recommend hosting the show indoors as there are fewer distractions.  

What is your service area?2023-10-18T21:44:20+00:00

Magician Leif David is based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Local Events

Local travel includes:

  • Kelowna
  • West Kelowna
  • Peachland
  • Vernon
  • Penticton
  • Oliver
  • Osoyoos
  • Salmon Arm
  • Kamloops
  • Merritt
  • and Princeton.


Leif David is available for larger events, such as Festivals, Corporate Events, Libraries, and Elementary Schools, across Canada.

Out-of-Town Travel Zone is everything beyond the Central Okanagan including:

  • Surrey
  • Abbotsford
  • Richmond
  • Vancouver
  • Victoria
  • Nanaimo
  • Grand Forks
  • Castlegar
  • Nelson
  • Cranbrook
  • Revelstoke
  • Prince George
  • Terrace
  • Prince Rupert
  • Fort St.John
  • and Dawson Creek.
How early should we book?2023-10-18T21:49:05+00:00

Contact us as soon as you have a date in mind and we will reply back with availability. Have an event last minute? There’s no harm in sending an email to find out my availability! Large multi-day events, tours, or any events that require multiple days of travel typically book many months in advance. Peak seasons are summer and winter.

How do you pronounce your name Leif David?2023-10-18T21:54:32+00:00

Blame my parents for giving me a tricky first name! My first name is “Leif”, and David is my second name.

  • Leif is a Scandinavian name, but I was born Canadian. 
  • Pronunciation: /ˈlaɪf/ or /ˈleɪf/
  • To hear how it is pronounced – you can hear it in one of our promotional videos!
Is it okay to have snacks during the show?2023-10-18T22:24:19+00:00

Please no food, snacks, or drinks during the show – but water is totally fine!

Do you have images to promote the show?2023-10-18T22:02:47+00:00

The online Press Kit has promotional images. If you need something specific for your event please contact us.

Can I take photos or record the show?2023-10-18T22:16:42+00:00

Yes! Please feel free to take photos or videos during the performance. It’s a great way to remember the event. Please do not post full recordings of the entire show online. We like to keep the surprises for people who see the show in person. If you post photos online, you can tag Leif David on Facebook and Instagram

I’ve never booked entertainment before, how does it work?2023-10-18T10:15:49+00:00
  1. Fill out our online form with your event details to receive your quote. 
  2. We will email you back with show information and pricing for your event. 
  3. When you are ready to book we will send you an online confirmation sheet that you can digitally sign to confirm your event. 
  4. Most events do not require a deposit.
  5. We will email you the day before the show to make sure none of the details have changed
  6. We will arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour early to setup depending on the type of event. 
  7. Payment will be collected on the day of the show
  8. You get all the praise for hosting an amazing event!

If you have any questions or would like to book over the phone, please call Leif David at (250)575-7469.

How much space is needed?2023-10-18T22:14:28+00:00

A clear area of 6 feet x 4 feet minimum will be needed for the performance. A nearby power outlet is required. The audience should be at least 3 feet away from the performance area. 

We will suggest options on how to set up the room for larger shows.

Where can I see a schedule of public performances?2023-10-18T22:04:57+00:00

Public shows are posted on Leif David’s Facebook profile

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